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YOUR NEW LOVE Not quite sure how the new person in your life feels about you? This is a great spread to gain insight. This spread works well with any relationship, old or new. (Relationship/Career/General)
*         Pro/Positive
·         Con/Negative 
·         What he/she thinks about me/situation 
·         His/her future reaction(s) 

GENERAL Great little go-to spread for any situation. Very popular reading. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) ·         Question 
·         Help/hindrance 
·         Future 
·         Advice 
·         Outcome 

FEELING BLOCKED? Just can’t seem to get out of a situation, or don’t know where to turn next? This is a great spread to help you. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice)
·         Get ready
·         Your block 
·         Outside/Other’s block
·         Breaking free 
·         Outcome 

SOUL PURPOSE This spread will help you on your next steps for your spiritual guidance, development and progression. (Spiritual/General/Choices)
·         What is my soul’s personality? 
·         What is my soul’s purpose? 
·         Advice for soul’s development
·         Advice for progress
·         Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose? 

NEW LOVE A great well-rounded look at your relationship with someone, new or old. Also works great for career moves/choices. (Relationship/Career/Choices)
·         What you bring to this relationship 
·         What he/she brings to this relationship 
·         Will you be happy in this relationship?
·         Will he/she be happy in this relationship? 
·         Future of this relationship   

SITUATION This very popular spread delivers exact information you need for any situation, and includes a special Significator/shadow card which enlightens the cause/foundation of your situation. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice)        ·         Me 
·         My situation
·         Actions I need to take
·         Possible Outcome
·         Significator/Shadow Card (underlying cause or                          foundation of  situation   

STAR OF LIGHT Another very popular spread, with advice included. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Past 
·         Present 
·         Future 
·         Influence on future 
·         Advice 
 ·        Outcome, if advice is followed   

TRUE LOVE? This is one of my favorites to help you explore the future of a new love interest in your life. This spread answers the question, “Is it True Love?” (Relationship/Career/Choice) 
·         You (your current feelings, attitudes & expectations) 
·         Your Partner (their current feelings, attitudes &                       expectations) 
·         Connection (characteristics that bring you together)
·         Relationship Strengths (what enhances & maintains) 
·         Relationship Weaknesses (issues to be explored or                    addressed)
·         True Love?   

CROSS OF TRUTH  Excellent spread to help bring your desires into fruition. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) ·         Present situation
·         Your desires 
·         Helpful matters
·         Opposing energies 
·         Outcome     

CALM BEFORE THE STORM Has something BIG entered your life, rocked your world, and you don’t quite know how to deal with it? Do you have the feeling that the other shoe is fixing to drop? If so, this very in-depth spread is for you! (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice)
·         Next/Current big situation moving into your life 
·         What brings this situation about 
·         What you need to know to handle this situation                        effectively
·         What you will learn from this situation
·         Outcome                                                                   

ATTAINING YOUR DESIRE Step-by-step help on attaining your wish/desire. One of the most popular readings. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Your wish/desire
·         Is your wish/desire possible? 
·         Is your wish/desire the best thing for you? 
·         If I obtain my wish/desire, will it last? 
·         Action to be taken 
·         Emotions to embrace
·         Thoughts to gather 
·         Materials to claim 
·         Obstacles 
·         How to overcome the obstacles
·         Energies that influence (either towards or away from)              your wish/desire
·         Outcome 

GENERAL PYRAMID This is very traditional spread, based on the Celtic Cross. This is probably the most popular general spread. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Theme 
·         Foundation
·         Recent Past 
·         Situation
·         Self 
·         Challenges
·         Near Future 
·         Hopes/Fears
·         Allies 
·         Advice
·         Long-term 

RECONCILIATION  Are you thinking about reconciling a relationship? This very unique spread will help you to see the situation from both sides, as things stand today, and assists with your decisions and clarity. (Relationship/Choice) 
·         Past history of relationship
·         You, now 
·         Them, now 
·         How you feel about reconciliation 
·         How they feel about reconciliation 
·         Who/What opposes you 
·         Who/What assists you 
         Something you need to know
·         Outcome 

HORSESHOE GENERAL This general spread focuses on future influences. Great for any situation. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Past
·         Immediate Present 
·         Immediate Future 
·         Current pressing issue 
·         Attitude of person close to you
·         Possible obstacles 
·         Outcome 

NEW RELATIONSHIP Just new to a relationship, or want to know about your current compatibility? This spread outlines the best/least attractive qualities in both of you and offers guidance on the future of relationship. This is another very popular spread. (Relationship/Career/Choice)
·         Your most attractive quality to them 
·         Their most attractive quality to you
·         Your least attractive quality to them 
·         Their least attractive quality to you 
·         Compatibility 
·         How the relationship unfolds
·         Guidance
·         Future of relationship 

CHOOSE A PATH  This spread is based on the Road Least Traveled Spread which helps you take an in-depth look at the choices you have, especially if the choices are hard! (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Goal/Intention/Question 
·         Path A
             o   motivation 
             o   challenge
             o   reward 
             o   potential 
·         Path B 
             o   motivation 
             o   Challenge
             o   Reward 
             o   Potential
·         Other Cards for clarification     

SHOULD I GO? or SHOULD I STAY? Now this spread is intense! If you are in a situation and you can’t decide whether it’s best for you to stay, or best for you to go…then this is the spread you are looking for. An all-encompassing read which includes extra Enlightenment Card(s). (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) ·         You 
·         Positive considerations (3 cards, min)
·         Negative considerations (3 cards, min) 
·         Enlightenment Card(s)   

WILL MY EX COME BACK TO ME? Will we get back together? This is a tough little spread which offers enlightenment from all sides of the situation, gives advice and a reconciliation prediction at the end. (Relationship/Career/Choice)
·         Past history 
·         Present 
·         Your Ex’s current situation 
·         How your Ex feels about you 
·         How your Ex feels about coming back 
·         What you can do to help the situation
·         Will you reconcile?   

NEW LOVE ENTERS  Are you ready for your new love to enter your life? This fun spread will detail the who, what, where, when and how … and maybe even what they look like! One of my faves! (Relationship) ·         Your new love interest 
·         Their vocation 
·         Their best side 
·         Their flaws
·         Their physical “look”
·         Their first impression of you 
·         Your first impression of them 
·         Their emotional connection with you
·         Strengths of this relationship 
·         Weaknesses of this relationship 
·         Long-term potential      

GENERAL Another great spread for any situation. This is a go-to spread or many of my clients. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Past
·         Present 
·         Future 
·         Advice 
·         Influences 
·         Hopes/Fears 
·         Outcome 

CHOICES This is another one of my faves! This is a down and dirty, to-the-point choice spread and includes how you got here and where to go from here. It also has a special Significator/Shadow card of affirmation or warning. (Relationship/Career/Finances/General/Spiritual/Choice) 
·         Question
·         Background, to present situation 
·         Option A 
·         Option B 
·         Best action to take 
·         Outcome 
·         Significator/Shadow Card (affirmation/warning) 

SPIRIT & SOUL JOURNEY As the name indicates, this is a very deep spread that looks at your current spiritual stage and soul’s journey with concrete advice on progression and expectations. (Spiritual) 
 ·         Current Spiritual Stage
             o   helping 
             o   hindering
             o   advice 
·         Current Soul’s Journey 
             o   helping 
             o   hindering 
             o   advice 
·         Outcome, if advice is followed  

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